Welcome to Carlette's

Heya, bros and sis's, care for a drink?

Okay, explanation: Carlette's was a Martian diner out in the middle of nowhere, but it was one of the hottest spots on Mars. When the Plutarkians attacked, a backwater removal drain had been placed in general vicinity of the building. The place sank to an underground cavern through the softened ground. It is now the meeting place of resistors and soldiers alike who just wish to get away from the fighting. (Hey! I thought it was a neat concept! Sue me!)

Just kick off your boots and leave the bad vibes outside. Good food, good music, good friends. Ride free citizens!

Oh yes, and the house band: Ladies and gentlemice, please give a warm welcome to...The Greasers!

My Biker Mice from Mars "artwork"(I call it that for lack of a better term)

The fanfics and such

Just what it says, Carlette's valued customers

Lovely contributions to our little establishment from wonderful, wonderful people

Did I scare you? RUN AWAY!