Uh...insert Fanfics here! Um...I promise you, there WILL be some!

New! Found
Hey, look. It's something remotely resembling a fic...Takes place after Rave's been kidknapped by her father, and Blaze and Random took off after her. I'll put the beginning of this up eventually, but for now, check this out and give me feedback! Let me know what you wanna see! Random (c) Shan, everyone else (c) me.

It Continues...
Okay, so it isn't a real, actual, honest-to-goodness fanfic, but it's a start and I did write it! All by myself, too! Consider it a sort of Prolouge. It was written as an intro to start a new RolePlay. Basically, Shan and I are skipping our little group of chars ahead ten years in their lives and seeing how everything's going, and we needed a set up, sooo...I wrote it.

PLEEEEEASE!! GIVE ME FEEDBACK ON THIS!! Sign the guestbook! Write me an e-mail! Post on the Message Board! Anything! I'll never improve if people don't give me advice...**sniffle**

In the mean time...Go mingle!

I don't own the original Biker Mice or any concept related to the original show. This stuff is used without permission, but I am in no way making any profit off of any of stuff that belongs to them whatsoever. So there. HOWEVER! Carlette's and the inhabitants/spinoff material IS mine. So yeah. Do as I say, not as I do...