The Wall of Fame

Behold my mousie scribbles! They may or may not be entirely accurate according to the cartoon, but it's not my fault! My only references are the screengrabs at the Unofficial Bikermice from Mars Fanclub! I started drawing my fanfic characters a year or so after the show was cancelled (**sniffles**). Characters belonging to me are entirely from my little coconut of a brain! Any resemblence to characters "living" or "dead" is purely coincidental for I came up with them back in '94 (was that really so long ago?)!

New! Long-distance relationships suck. I should know. Tucker and Honda doin' the LD-Thang. Aww. Tis a sketch I need to finish, but is still too cute. Tucker is still (c) Shan, and Honda is still (c) me.

New!...Kinda. Human Skidzo! In color, no less! Ooooold pic that Shan wanted me to put up. it be. She looks like such a Barbie...Skidz and her Barbie-esque human-self are (c) me.

New!...Kinda. The Replacements. Again. Forgot to put 'em up with the others last update. Another sketch I did while visitin' at Jen's. Hehehe. Ferric, Dax, and Honda. And this specifically goes out to Shan concerning these three...*ahem* "MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA!!!!" All three (c) me.

Levy and Trigger warping the mind of poor, innocent, little deer-in-the-headlights Spencer...That poor boy. Trigger was being a jerk...He was just...refusing to be drawn. **kicks him** Trig, Spence, and Lev (c) me.

Levy Character Sheet
Just what it says, a character sheet for my Auzzie-accented smart-ass. I love this guy. He's mine! No takee.

Chassis sittin' and just generally being herself. Making you wonder what she has up those non-existant sleeves of hers. Chassis (c) me.

Tucker and Honda, yet again. Being just...unbearably content. I hate them both. Warning for nekkidness, and suggestiveness, and whatnot...whatever. Tucker (c) Shan, Honda (c) me.

Make Time Stop
A sappy pic to sappy lyrics. Not Enough Time (Make Time Stop) is one of those songs that just kinda hits ya. I heard it and it just seemed to fit Chase and Carly's situation.

Same pic as in the background above. I really like it. But I can just hear RiRi now..."Schmmmmuuuuut.." Hoy. Chase and Carly (c) me.

Ric and Kawii asleep. Well, Kawii's asleep, Ric's kinda watchin' her sleep and being just sickeningly content. Ric (c) me, Kawii (c) Shan.

A milestone! The VERY FIRST Lis and Skidzo pic. Rejoice! Lis (c) Shan, Skidz (c) me.

Another old sketchbook pic. Tis cute tho. I find it ironic that I'm putting this up..."Would you care to explain to me why you have pilferred my shirt?" ~ "You're just jealous 'cause I look better in your clothes than you do..." Hehe.

"I know you're in there..."
Tread looking over what's become of one of his best friends. Doesn't look much like the Rave we've all come to know and love, does it? Welps, I've put the poor girl through a good lot over these past couple of months...I'm so evil. Hehe. Don't worry...We'll get her back. Eventually...**hides from Shan**

I was doodling while reading over some fics I had in storage when out came Firelock. I thought the sketch was pretty good, so I cleaned it up, inked it, used it for PhotoShop practice, and gave it as a Christmas gift to his creator. Firelock (c) the oh-so-talented Vicki Eden.

Carly Claus
...Okay, I thought we were supposed to *discourage* people from being naughty around the holiday season? **sigh** Oh well. Carlette and her scary self are (c) me.

Hehe. Skidzo Kitty and Zeek amuse me. Highly. It's just a sketch at the moment, but I still like it.

Awwww...Looook...It's a lil' sketch of Barnett and Wheeler all baby-fied. Aren't they cute?! Barnett and Wheeler (c) me and Shan as of December 7th 2001. And Lis is still getting over the delivery...Hehehe...

Concept sketch of Zeek and Trouble's kiddos. From left to right, Star Dancer in her human form, Archer (the oldest), and little Fire Blade. The three of them also (c) me and Shan....Gee, you think we RP together just a *liiiiittle* too much? - Nah, I didn't think so either. ;)

Daytona Wesson
Just a minor RP char I wanted a pic of. Another racer and just an all around cool dudette. Methinks I shall color this eventually...

Egads...I warn you now, do not view this pic if you are suseptable to stomach illness due to high amounts of cuteness. It's Honda and Tucker being all snuggly and crap...I swear, those two are just beyond cute or something. ^_^ And I don't care what Shan says, Tuck maybe a dork but he's an adorable dork. So there. Honda Prix (c) me, Tucker Mudflap (c) Shan. And here they are in quickie-comp-color. Still cute as ever.

Honda Prix in living color! Hehe. She's in her racing uniform lookin' all cute an' stuff. Evil scanner ate all the color though. Bad Lennie.

One More Try
Based on a song I heard one night and a possible outcome in one of my RPs. I always thought Zeek and Skidz made a cute couple...My speculation to this pic? They're both drunk off their tails.

Carlette, herself. Everyone's favorite little bar jockey. This started a series of "Glossies" pics for the entire group I was roleplaying at one time. Egads. It was a trip. So many characters...Such looong posts...

Blaze Backfire was my original fanfic character and the only other mouse besides her sister Rave that was supposed to actually have any sort of history. Well, THAT sure changed... Thanks heaps, Shan! :P She looks really subdued...That's not normal...

Ricochet Primer, that smug son of a rat. Being the lead singer in a band does have it's advantages, I'd suppose. Groupies for one...

Skidzo Ratburne is the girl that has pretty much taken over as my main character in roleplay. How this happened constitutes one word: Shan! It's HER fault! Skidz was supposed to be fluff, damnit! GRR!!

Zeek Gruyere' and those STUPID GOGGLES!! HE NEVER TAKES THOSE THINGS OFF!!-Well, almost never...*ahem* Yet another floof char gone main thanks to roleplay, like Ric and Skidz. Why me?...

Rave Backfire, the youngest of the Carlette's Staff and littlest Greaser. I was in an artist's block when I drew this. I was also experimenting with inks. Ick. I really must redo this...

Trigger Donaway looking very displeased with the camera. Okay, this guy wasn't even supposed to have a last name, but neither were the rest of his team members. He's the leader of a group Skidzo and Zeek used to belong way back when. They were brought into an RP much for floof. He's turning into another main! GAH!

Levy Moped is basically my Auzzie-ish, male version of Blaze. Every group needs a 'Blaze'. He looks interested in something...Hmph, that won't last long.

Brier Diecast, model-turned-biker. Has a thing for Ricochet and won't let anyone forget it. Nice gal all in all, but don't get her peeved...Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

Spencer Piston. It's been said that this guy is too cute to be a biker. The brains for the operation but a total idiot when it comes to girls! Much to Dipstick's dismay...He's getting better, though. I think...

Dipstick Oilslick is the girl who's been practically throwing herself at Spence for a good couple of years now, but she has yet to give up no matter how aggrivated he makes her. She has made it her goal in life not to kill the guy for being so oblivious.

My favorite little Greaser! Sing it, sister! Sing it!

Bingo Ritz
A little sketch of her I did in my notebook. Innit she kyoote? Bingo belongs to the one and only Stoker1439.

Skidzo Character Sheet
Just a little character sheet of The Greasers' keyboard player and Carlette's resident mechanic. This is also the very first thing I scanned on my very own! Two cool points for me! Teehee. Btw, the writing on the bottom of the page says, "BACK OFF! I've got a screw-driver, and I know how to use it!"

Blaze and Skidzo, bros for life. Tis a sketch on lined paper, but a good one. There's nothing like your best bud to make all the $#!+ in the world disappear. *GASP!* Is that something remotely resembling a background?!

Scratching Post
Skidzo!! BAD KITTY! No clawing on the furniture! That's what Zeek's for. Heh. This pic is due to an oooooold long running joke between me an' some buds concerning cats and mice, so I kittified Skidz and decided to terrorize Goggle-Boy. No further comments. Heh.

Lis Stormwind
This what started everything **G L A R E**...A gift pic for my bud, Shan. An alien werewolf that waltzed his happy @$$ right into Skidz's garage and surprisinly didn't get thrown into a stack of tires. Had it not been for him, and a seemingly innocent RolePlay that sprung from boredom...I WOULD BE SO MUCH LESS INSANE RIGHT NOW!! **pantpantwheeze** But I digress...Lis (c) The Dreaded and Oh-So-Evile Shan.

And speaking of Lis... Now this little story is rather scary. This was just a miscellaneous ghost-wolf I drew on a poster for a Psyc report I did on 'Ghosts', and thought it was really cool, but nothing else of it. While roleplaying with Shan, she springs a little surprise on me concerning a tattoo of a snarling white wolf that appears on Lis' arm...I freaked, scanned in my picture, and showed it to her. Then, she freaked. It was fun.

Gryf Lynn Lycoris
One she-kat you do NOT want to mess with. I was doodling during Environmental Systems, and here she appeared in my notebook. Gryf so amuses me. She and Blaze get along quite well. They're a mind in the like. Gryf (c) Shan.

Kyoote-ness...A pairing that is quite unorthodox if you know these two...Kawii Lycoris, Gryf's sister-in-law, and my very own Ricochet Primer, heh, I gave him a hair cut and decided to try it out. Draw your own conclusion as to what's goin' on. To me, it looks like Kawii's straightening Ric's collar, with Ricochet taking full advantage of the situation. And Shan and I still think that it looks like he's trying to take her shirt off, Jen! Kawii (c) Shan. Ric (c) me.

These two, oy...Say hello to Shan's grey-hat and Blaze's boy-toy in the RP, Random Chaos. They're just so...bad...But fun nonetheless. A little sketch I did in the notebook I took to Europe. Started it in Paris and continued on a night-train to Switzerland. ^_^

"The Bratburne Brothers"
I so enjoy this pic. One of the few decent group ones I've managed to do. Skidzo and her brothers. Schick at far left, Guido down there in the headlock, Skidzo administering the headlock, Gyro being amused at his brother's plight, and little Tread on piggy-back, casually observing. This is supposed to a be a photo Lis saw when they stopped by Skidz's old house in the RP.

Hehehe...Another photo Lis comes across. How do you get an unruly creation to behave? Blackmail her with old high school snap-shots. Haha! Skidz was a cheerleader! And I'd better run before she hears me... ;)

Skidz's folks in their younger days. Roadrage and Chantilley Ratburne...not really what I had in mind for her dad, but I love the way her mom came out, exactly how I pictured.

Guido, Kiere', and Ora
Remember the little blonde dude Skidz had in a headlock up there? Well, he's all grown up now. A quick concept sketch of Guido with his wife Kiere' and their little bebe Ora, whom my bud RiRi has adopted as her future RP character. **chuckles**

Double Trouble
Heehee! Lis and his twin sister, Trouble Chaser. These two are a quite a pair. Twas a gift piccie to one a' me RP buddies. Both (c) Shan.

The Replacements
TeeHee. Not at liberty to say much about these three, but just so you know, Dax Daimler is uptop, Honda Prix is to the left, and that's Ferric Stannous on the right. All (c) me.

Er...*cough* A rather...amourous pic. Nothing's shown but stuff's implied. We just can't win, but I still don't care. I love this one. 'Gads, I am such a sap. Lis (c) Shan. Skidzo (c) me.

I'm just mean...Poor Skidz...Hehehe! Poor gal had a run in with a young throwback, and now...Hehehe...Well, at least she's not alone. Wolfie-Lis (c) Shan. Wolfie-Skidz (c) me. Hey, look! Color! Whoo!

"Skidz is gonna have puppies!"
No, Blaze is not an air-head. Actually, she's surprisingly accurate. Lis IS a werewolf afterall...Drawn in Italy, and the look on Skidz's face is so worth it.

Poor Lis...Ah, well, it's his own fault. Hehe. Thank you to me other RP buddy, Jen, for helping me tweak the line. Hehe, again.

"I think we need a bigger bed."
I apologized so many times for doing this to Shan's "Joe Cool"...But I hardly think he's opposed to it. Everybody, all together now: "Aaaawwwww..."

Barnett and Wheeler
My very first concept sketch of Lis and Skidzo's "twins." Done a period after the Gryf pic up there. Hehe. Gotta luv speech class. And here they are all colored and cleaned up. I still like the sketch better, tho...>P

Another pic of the twins. The conspiratory looks on their faces so amuse me.

Carlette's: Generation 2
Some of the future residents of the diner. Wheeler is so not liking the way Quake's eyeing his sister, but knowing Quake's father, I wouldn't blame him.

You know, it's hard to threaten your younger brother he's almost two feet taller than you...

Chassis! She's playin' air-guitar and not doing so very well...But I blame that on the fact that she's a drummer. She looks about fifteen here. Egads, my perspective sucks. Chassis (c) me.

**sniffle** This...I just love this one...With special appearance by: Lis' left hand! Let's hear it for Lis' left hand! Anyway, Shan and I decided to toss Lis around in DreamLand for a while, and he ran into a whole lot of different versions of his buds, Skidzo included. This was the last version of Skidz he saw before he woke up. She just took off the engagement he had given her and put it in his hand, "Releasing him," so he could go off and assume his duties as king. It was a big metaphor. I liked it. And I actually like the comp coloring on this one. Skidzo (c) me. Lis' left hand (c) Shan. :)

Zeek ala homosapien
Yup, Zeek went werewolfie, too. He amuses me. Grr...Damn goggles...

**blink** I was bored one day and wanted to draw something with a lot of intensity to it. So...I was reading through some old RPs and when it hit me: What could possibly be more intense than Blaze and Random's first kiss? It redefined intense, for cryin' out loud. Anyway, I decided go give another try at compy coloring again. Not too shabby. And here's the sketch, just because I like it so much. ^_^

I like this one. Remember the Dream RP I told you about? Here's another one of the versions of Skidzo he comes across. She's actually leaning on a vanity dresser type thing. I drew it for inking practice, and it then became comp color practice, too. I plan on putting a background on this eventually. Well, when I figure out how anyway...^^; I want those shoes!

Want another drink?