If These Halls Could Talk...

I'd be in big trouble! Heh, heh. Okay, this is where I keep all the little stuffy relating to the comic strip I do. I came up with three little furry, teenaged characters over my Sophmore year and now it has spiralled out of control! They now have friends, acquaintences, and rivals and such. It basically deals with little misadventures and junk, although I like the long ones I do for my personal (and hopefully soon, your) enjoyment. Characters, concept, and crap like that there all belong to me! No stealing! Ask and ye shall receive, after all. I'll keep ya posted on its status!

In here you'll also see some stuffy relating to my comic-to-be: AerosQuest. I don't wanna give anything away just yet, so just hang on a little while longer...

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