The Gallery

Okay guys, let's get a few things straight here...EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IN HERE BELONGS TO ME UNLESS I SAY SO! *ahem* Sorry about that, but one cannot be too careful...

New! Daisy and Sedrick around the age of seven. Hehe. Gotta love those uncanny powers of persuasion.

New! Now...we fast forward about ten years into the future...and find that some things never change. ;)

New! Ain't. Gonna. Happen. No way. No sir. No how. At least not for a veryveryvery long time...If ever. It was a sappy pic so I decided to upload it. An early one of Mateo and Iana. What was I thinking?...Cute though.

New! Dennis and Star of ITHCT fame. Loungin' around after school and waitin' for the bus. Don't they just make your cavities ache?

New! Another early concept sketch of Iana and Mateo. I told you I can never draw that guy with one set style. And if you look in Iana's lap, you can see Kipper. Innit he just kyoote? **squeezes him** Another scenario very unlikely to happen. Oh well.

Thumnas and Iana having a little heart-to-heart chit-chat.

Just a quick concept sketch of Meera sans cloak.

You gotta love that predatory grin of Mateo's...It looks like Iana isn't impressed, though...And here it is with a quickie-comp-color job for reference. Yay.

A miscellaneous character sketch of Iana and Mateo. For some reason, I can never maintain one single drawing style when I work on Mateo...Grr...

A quick rendering of some of the supporting characters in AerosQuest. Top left is a yet unnamed Gypsy, top right is Jorryn, bottom left is cute little Thumnas, and bottom right is Erafel. I'd go more into detail, but then it wouldn't be as fun when you're reading the comic, now would it? ;)

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