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Welcome! This page is maintained by Lola (or Dolores, depending on who you ask...), but all the stuff in here was done by her cooella buddy, Yuri (RiRi). Questions or comments to Yuri can be relayed to her via e-mail to Lola for the time being. Thanks and enjoy!
(Newest pics at bottom)

Miyuki! A cute purpa-haired chick!

Miyuki again! She's lookin' atcha!

Another one of Miyuki!

One more! Are we sensing a theme here?

Last one of Miyuki, I promise. ;)

Blaque! Ready to kick your @$$!

The Future Fighters: Left to right, top to bottom-Kao ssu, Jae, Min, and Kyung.

A girl. Don't know who she is, but she's pretty, tho!

Another miscellaneous chica! I love her hair!

Kyoaya... Everybody, vogue! Strike a pose! ;D

Lee Mien Suk, chica inna cap...

Silvyrclaw Looks kinda MK-ish...

Tygerblade. One word, "WOW!"

Yuki! Would you look at that awesome armor?!

Suniko Ado. Chica with cool hair!

A little headshot. Black and White.

Wow! Large file size, but it's worth it! Very reminiscent of "She-Ra."

Ranma Saotome and his many moods! (c) The Ranma1/2 peoples.

Red Head! Don't know who this chica is, but it looks like she's kinda PO'ed.

Tatewaki Kuno weilding a really cool sword! Also (c) the Ramna 1/2 people.

Shampoo! Lookin' all cute an' stuff. Shampoo belongs to the Ranma 1/2 people.

Another red-head in a kick-ass dress! Oy...what a crappy scan job. And I was doing so well too...**bangs head on the computer desk**

Note from the Maintainer: A little bird told me that Yuri (RiRi) will be having some fanfic to post very soon! Be on the look out! I'll also be putting the rest of her art up very soon. If you stopped by the Puckworld Underground pic section, you've heard about my misplacing some of my disks...Well, rest assured her old art will be back up shortly, along with a whole bunch of new stuffie. ~L

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