Welcome to the Puckworld Underground!

Ace: Greetings! Greetings! I'm glad you made it here safely. Enemies are lurking everywhere! I am Ace Wings, the leader of the Puckworld Underground and your guide for the tour-

Lola: No way, Ace! I'LL take it from here!

Ace: I don't think so.

Lola: Oh, I DO think so (::waves eraser at Ace::). I can very easily rub you out of existance and make Sheldon the leader.

Ace: You wouldn't dare...

Lola: Try me.

Ace: ...Fine. SOME creators can be so pushy.

Lola: Hi! I'm Lola (as you probably guessed) and the sole creator of the Puckworld Underground and all the stuff (unless otherwise specified) herein. This is my little contribution to the Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series Fandom Universe. I have a really good intro, AHEM: 'You are about to enter another zone (for those of you who do not read Sonic and/or Knuckles Comics, a zone is an alternate reality in which life may seem strange and unorthodox to outsiders, but is just business as ususal for the inhabitants). A zone where Puckworld has NOT been returned to its original splendor, but is, instead, still in ruins. Its only hope: a small band of resistors that hope to continue on the legacy of the original force (the Mighty Ducks).' Pretty cool, huh?

Ace: Oh, please...

Lola: Silence, waterfowl!

*I'm under SERIOUS construction and it may take me a while to put up all my stuff, but be assured that a real page WILL be up soon.*

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