The Photos

My TMNT fanart! Squee!

Okay guys, everyone belongs to their respective creators, blah, blah, blah...Go see the pretty pictures!

New! Kinda...Josi Facial Expressions
This is pretty old, but still kinda cool. A facial expressions sheet for Josi (duh). Woah...this is from like...2000... o_o

Gotta love reunions...
Raphael and my version of Mona Lisa. Cute little sketchbook doodle. Might color it one day. Both (c) Mirage Studios.

A cute, if badly done concept sketch of Max and Tigre. Aww...I'm such a sap. >P Both are mine.

I know, it's a Christmas pic...
Sue me! No wait don't...I have no money...But it was all sweet and lovey and crap so I just had to put it up. Besides, it's my site. So there. ;) Donatello (c) Mirage Studios, Josi (c) me.

Attack of the Mini-Me's! ;P
From a fic I plan to put up eventually. My girls ala the" terrible two's" (give or take). Looks like the poor things are being lectured... Left to right: Josi, Max, Mo, and Grace. The Original Mona Lisa belongs to Mirage Studios, all others belong to me!

My Lil' surfer chick that has been returned to normal size! I plan to eventually add the text: To surf...or not to surf? That is a STUPID question!" ;D

You wouldn't think this little chica could pick a bus over her head, would you?

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