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10/13/02: Woo...Now *that* was a long time between updates. Sorry for the delay, y'all, but I had to spiff up the place for you. I like it! And I must say I'm very proud of meself. Yesyes. Lots of art everywhere, some new, some not so new...but I think you'll be pleased. At least, I know I am.

Fics should be coming soon...Cross your fingers. Though, why you all would want to read my crummy attempts at writing, I'll never know. Whatever keeps the public happy. Anyway, hope you guys enjoy your stay and don't hesitate to drop a line! Sign the guestbook, drop by the message board, send an e-mail...whatever! Also, a big thank you to everyone who's contributed to the site. Especially all the loverly peoples who've drawn my characters for me. Cali, Magic Star, RiRi, Mercy, Jen, Kimee...You all ROCK! *HUGGLES!* Thank you bunches yet again!

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