Skidzo Ratburne
Italics: Character speaking. Regular text: Creator speaking.

Full Name: Skidzo Lenora Ratburne

Nickname(s): Skidz, ‘Nora (mostly by my mother and immediate family)

Occupation: I alternate waitress and bartender duties at Carlette's. I also play mechanic when the need arises. As more of a hobby than an occupation, I play keyboard for the bar's resident band.

Species: 100% Diacria Grey Martian Mouse!

Gender: ...honestly, babe, if you can't tell, you've either come across some really convincing crossdressers or are seriously blind, take a wild guess... [Creator's Note: ...She's female.]

Age: 24

Birthday: (in Earth equivalent) February 1st

Height: Too short. [Creator’s Note: about 5'3]

Weight: Just enough. [Creator’s Note: Roughly 145 lbs, give or take...]

Fur Color: light grey

Hair Color: dark grey

Eye Color: violet

General Appearance/Attire: From head to toe, she's your typical Diacria Grey female - tiny and trim; a stark contrast to the males who more often than not turn out to be the towering giants of the Martian population. Skidzo, though, is of below average height for her species and race (Most Grey females average 5'6"). It did work in her favor though, she's very petite with a descernable figure, but with modest curves, and is mostly muscle. She's covered in short light grey fur, except for the top of her head, which is a "beautiful mess" of long, wavy dark grey fur. She usually wears it loose, parting it on the left side of her head and letting a majority fall to the right side of her face. The back falls just to the middle, or sometimes bottom, of her shoulderblades. Nested in the sea of dark grey waves are two, short red antennas which are basically centered at the top of her head (one on the left side at top, one on the right) in typcial Martian Mouse fashion. Her eyebrows are the same grey as her hair, as is the triangular nose on the end of her muzzle. Her tail is the light grey of the rest of her body, and basically is a little longer in length than her height (a little over 5' 6" long). Her eyes are round in shape, and are a bright violet in color.

Generally she's seen wearing bootcut jeans, a dress shirt rolled up at the sleeves, and her worn-in, off-black army boots. Two small black hoop earrings are ever present in the bottom part of both her ears. When performing or tending to her duties as a waitress or bartender, she favors a very short, strapless purple dress with small slits in the side, an ample amount of thin black bracelets, and two or three necklaces - and her boots. Regardless of what she wears, she’ll never go without her blue collar with silver studs.

Other: Most likely speaking voice: Cree Summer. Plays keyboard and sings back-up vocals for The Greasers - the houseband for the bar in which her and her friends reside, "Carlette's". Skidzo's singing voice would relate to that of Etta James, very soulful. She makes a few spare dollars as Carlette’s resident mechanic, has a habit of talking to and yelling at the bikes.

Personality: Skidzo is by far the most diplomatic resident at Carlette's, aside from Tracker, the cook. The only time that comes into question is when her garage is concerned. She's very particular about how it's kept ("absolute organized chaos", she likes to call it), and who is allowed in. Uninvited visitors or those who wear out their welcome often find themselves thrown into one of the stacks of tires she keeps outside. Aside from that area in particular, she's very loyal to her friends, and likes to help others whenever possible. She'll go above and beyond, even if she doesn't have to. She tries not to be too trusting, but it often gets the better of her. She often takes on the role of mediator amongst her friends in the band. She has a love of music - anything from rock to classical, and loves being on stage with The Greasers. As long as her garage isn't concerned, it takes quite a bit for her to lose her temper, so when her patience is finally lost, don't expect to get it back any time soon. She manages an air of confidence without seeming cocky, combined with her appearance, that leads to quite a bit of male attention, which she takes in stride. All in all, she's a fun sort of gal, very out-going and friendly with a quirky sense of humor.

Family: My bros at Carlette’s: Blaze, Rave, Ric, Carly, and Tracker. ...And I guess Zeek warrants mentioning... My folks and related brothers back in LeDiemos. Middle child of five and the only girl. Parents: Roadrage and Chantilley Ratburne; Siblings: Schick (brother, 29), Guido (brother, 27, married, wife - Kiere’, with one daughter and a son on the way), Gyro (brother, 22, engaged), and Tread (brother, 17).

Significant Other/Marital Status: I'm single pretty much every other week. She has an on-again, off-again, love/not-quite-hate-but-still-not-very-fond-of relationship with her friend and fellow bandmate, Zeek Gruyere'. He's The Greasers' drummer.

History: Wait...this is an art profile, isn't it? Do we really need to get into this now?...Was over HALF of this entire profile really necessary? ...You just don't want me to bring up the blackmail I have on you, but I suppose not. I wanted the nice artists to get a feel for ya, Skidz. But I'm sure they've got way more than enough information on you. I guess the only thing really worth mentioning is that you did fight in the Plutarkian War. Fair enough? Fair enough. Now, let's cut the rest of this short, hm?

Comments from the Character: Uh...

Comments from the Creator: I enjoy Skidz, I really do. I guess she’s the character that’s most like me personality-wise, only cuter and more confident - and definitely much more talented (quite Mary Sue-ish in that respect, but I justify that because she's not a main character ;p). She’s got her “bad” moments, true, but so do I. This profile is based on the "Pre-RP" Skidzo I use in fiction. Since after I started roleplaying her, the character grew a lot more than I had originally intended. She was initially created as a 'fluff' character. Her main duties as such were basically to hang out with Blaze (my original Biker Mice fancharacter) and look pretty, play the keyboard in their band, be bitchy now and then, and boink Zeek. Well, that changed, but it was for the better, I think. She still does all that, but now there's some personality and motivation behind it.

Comments from the Cast:
Blaze Backfire (best friend, bandmate): Skidz is my conscience. I'd do a lot more of the stupid stuff I'm prone to doing if she wasn't around.

Zeek Gruyere' (boyfriend/not boyfriend, bandmate): ...Regardless of anything, she's an exceptional friend to have. I can't thank Terra enough for that.

Richocet Primer (friend, bandmate): Oh yeah, I'd definitely do 'er. Unfortunately, the opportunity just hasn't presented itself.
Skidzo: Nor will it ever. ¬.¬
Ricochet: You don't know that for sure.
Skidzo: Yes, I do...
Ricochet: No, you don't. A time may come when you'll finally decide to drop that goggle-wearing dork for good, and get yourself a real mouse. And when that time comes, I'll be there. And, like so many before you, you'll finally give in to the superb mountain of studliness that is Ricochet Primer.
Skidzo: ...You know, you're right. How could I have been so blind? Take me, Ric! Take me now!
Ricochet: Really?
Skidzo: No.
Ricochet: Tease.
Skidzo: Man-whore.

Reference pics:
With Zeek, both horribly drunk off their tails, but that's what makes things fun. XD
An older one I still tolerate because the hands took me forEVAH to draw. RP mischief, this is.
A basic sheet of the many angles of Skidzo's hair.
To give an idea of her basic clothes. Feel free to play with those as you see fit.

Old Yucky Pics:
One of the first pics of Skidzo I did.
Roughly depicted at age 16 or so. Affectionately entitled 'Blackmail'. Pwaha.
Hanging with Blaze and looking uncharacteristically down.
"The Bratburne Brothers." A young Skidzo with her bros. I still really like this one. One of the few group pics I managed to somewhat pull off. Schick at top left, Guido down there in the headlock, Skidzo administering the headlock, Gyro being amused at his brother's plight, and little Tread on piggy-back, casually observing.
More RP madness, a version of Skidzo that showed up in someone's dream. And I still want the fluffy shoes. >_<
THE VERY FIRST Skidzo Character Sheet I did. Actually, the very first character sheet I did. Period. It's old, but I still like it. The writing at the bottom says, "BACK OFF! I have a screw-driver, and I know how to use it..."

Any other information you may or may not need as to the show these characters were based on could more than likely be found at or through The Unofficial Biker Mice from Mars Fanclub.