The following people will be spared in the up and coming apocalypse...

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'Josi and Donatello (Mirage Studios)' by Calista - Pic trade with Calista, Josi and Donatello looking all cute and stuff. Donatello (c) Mirage Studios.
'Tweek' by Calista - "Tweek" and her little red tool box from my MD:TAS spinoff group, WITLESS. Also by Calista.
'Levy' by Magic Star - A surprise pic from Magic Star of my little BMFM smartass, Levy, looking just beyond adorable.
'Tanner' by Calista - A tasteful near-nude of my main damage-doll, Tanner. Muaha. I'm so mean to that boy. Another by the talented Calista.
'Zeek' by Mercy - My very first piece of fanart! Yay! Done by Mercy when she saw a human that looked like my character Zeek. Scary...