The Pics

Ladies and gents, I present to you the drawings and stuff I have absolutely no idea where else to put! They might be mine, they might be someone else's! I'll specify later...

New! "Couple?!"
Zwei and Flame's initial reactions to that comment...In color pencil. Done in my little notebook thingie. Hehe. Not entirely satisfied with this...Either Flame needs to be taller, or Zwei needs to be shorter, but it's still cool. Zwei (c) me, Flame (c) DS.

New! Can't Sleep
Miscellaneous 'me' doodle. Missing someone like crazy right now...So close...and yet so far. I am property of myself. Or my parents. Whatever.

New! Avidya
Cali's foxish-wolfish...furry character. Done as a little extra for our pic trade. Gotta love Photoshop. Makes backgrounds so much easier to do. ^_^ Avidya (c) Calista.

New! Kinda...Xion and Mien
A piccie I did of two of me buds' characters. Xion and Mien sharing an initimate moment together. I hate drawing humans, but RiRi held me at pencilpoint until I drew it. Xion is property of Josh, and Mien is RiRi's. NO STEAL! And here is the inked version done by RiRi as well.

New! "I AM smiling..."
My new main page graphic. Me being me. I like it!

The ever sensible Simon Seville of Alvin and the Chipmunks. By far my favorite of the trio, but ya gotta admit, they all have their good points. An older sketch I kinda slapped some color on. See? This is what happens when you spend a sick day watching 5 hours of Chipmunks cartoons...Ack...I forgot to shade his shoes... -_-; Simon (c) Bagdasarian Productions.

The title says it all...LoL...Bliss, also known as Zwei, was feelin' all bad because her life has been evil. Flame, the dude on the floor, brought in some liquor and they downed shots while swapping sob-stories. It's nice to have someone to commiserate with. Bliss is mine, and Flame is the normally-sullen-and-grumpy-but-actually-semi-normal-when-drunk intellectual property of DS.

LolaKitty Ponders
Confusion sucks...There are times when you question who you are, what you have ever believed in, and everything you feel. I HATE those times...

A Huskie Gal
Looking very sweet, I might add. Eventually gonna turn these last couple of sketches into t-shirt designs. Anyone interested? Drop me a line!

Bad Kitty
I like this one a lot. Inspired by mine buddy Lainey.

My lil' rocker koala chick. Inked sketch. I hadn't seen that many koala anthros out there, so I thought I'd give it a shot. Also in color! The colored version is gonna go up for auction on FurBid, the winner gets to customize the guitar.

One of my newest RP chars. OMG! It's another human!! Heh. This is how she looked when she first made her appearance at the SE...Not that she usually doesn't always look like that mind you...

Heh-hey! Color!
Same chica as before. I really like how this came out surprisingly. I can't stand drawing humans, and I can't stand inking, but I don't think I did too bad at all. **is proud an' stuff** Sheesh...someone certainly looks all pouty and angst ridden...

Oldish Fox Chick
I miss my old inking pen...Anyway, a silver foxee-girlie lookin' as though she may be reciting Shakespeare. ^_~ I love this one, but my scanner ate all the color. Bad Lennie...

Faint and die of shock!! It's a hyoooman! Ladies and gents, meet Ethan Joel Riley. A miscellaneous RP character. Couldn't decide if I should put him in here or in my Mighty Ducks site, so I flipped a coin and here he is. Hehe. He's a cutie. **pinches his cheek**

Hey, look! It's my SWAT Kats character's vigilante alter-ego. Hehe. Behold my crappy inking and ten cent comp color job! Whee!

A pretty kitty!
Kinda looks like Iana from "AerosQuest", except that her ears don't droop...Oh well. Done in blue color pencil!

Misc. Warrior
I can't draw guys for squat. So, I decided to practice during Academic Decathlon! My bud Jen has dubbed this as "Anthro-Lis." Don't know who Lis is? Go to my BMFM page Carlette's.

Daisy and Mistique
Two little furries that just popped up in my sketchbook one day. It was a seemingly good sketch so I inked AND colored it! WOO!

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