Name: Marisol De La Baia (possible surname change, not sure yet.)
Gender: Female
Species: Duck
Age: Mid to late twenties.
Height: 5'3" - relatively short.
Build: Average. Soft, round shape; subtle curves. Baby-bearin' hips, not muscular at all.
Hair color/length/style: Orangish ash-blonde, no definite color. Long, curly, unruly, poofy. Only manages to keep her bangs tamed and neat. Rarely pulls it back, but will only if the occassion suits.
Eye color: Lavender. Always looks bored, heavy-lidded.
Skin/feather/whatever color: Very, very pale peach feathers. Small, angular, light orange beak.
Clothing: Often wears overly baggy turtle-neck sweaters. Long skirts. Leggings, baggy socks, and worn boots. Will wear dress shirts, but rarely wears pants - preferring her long skirts which are -always- worn with leggings. (o_O Redundant much? Oy. ;p Sorry about that.) Prefers Earth-tone colors, oranges mostly, and lots of browns. She'll wear white and black - greys at times, but not often. Bright, attention-grabbing colors aren't in her wardrobe.
Accessories: Large, round glasses - slightly thick maroon frames.

Personality: Cold and bitter. She's not a happy person and will go to almost any length to make that apparent. She's intelligent in her line of work, and will often give advice even when its not needed nor wanted. She's very quiet - preferring little to no social interaction, and will only speak when she feels that something needs to be said. She's very cynical about the happier things in life, and likes not to have anything to do with them if she can help it. The only remotely artistic thing she -can- do is dance - but only the Latin type, as she was put in lessons when she was younger in an attempt to get her to socialize. Yeah, that didn't go over very well at all.
Brief History: (Reeeeally brief.) She grew up with her aunt, uncle, and two cousins in a very traditional (Puckworld Hispanic) home. She went to school, eventually a university, eventually looking to land a job in criminal profiling. She found work as a secretary/record keeper for a local phsyciatric ward.
Anything else you want to add/any extra description: Speaks very directly when talking in Remaican. Always with a purpose, she enjoys using big words, and never speaks with contractions. She speaks fluent (Puckworld Spanish), and will only curse using it, never in Remaican. However, basic insults flow freely in either language.

Reference pictures:
Original Marisol character development.
Mari's basic colors.
With Delauney and Eugene. Who never give up on tormenting her in one form or another.
Her usual pained reaction upon running into Eugene.
With her hair pulled back and looking relatively subdued. This doesn't happen much.
Doing the one creative thing she knows how to do. Dance. Long story. And no, she's not happy. ;p Are we sensing a pattern here?
Marisol Color Palette.

Tasteful nudes. Female study/Attempt at descerning the figure under the baggy clothes. Discretion is advised. Granted, it's nothing you can't see at the Louvre, but I figured I'd slap a warning up just in case. -Please, do not view if you are sensitive or uncomfortable with low-intensity female nudity.-

Completely covered.
Bare breast, tasetful frontal.
Bare breast, back & lower profile view.

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