"It's the Halloween Edition of Lola's Page, Charlie Brown!"

10/13/02: HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Maybe it's a bit early, but eh...Okay, so the revamp is taking a bit longer than anticipated, but give me a break. Please? It's been a long couple of months. Anyway, I *do* have some new stuffie. I figured that what better for a Halloween than...Drumroll... CROSSOVERS! A whole lotta crossovers! I just thought they'd be kinda cool. Thanks to Morning for initially giving me the idea. Hope it was worth the wait!

Plus, as an added bonus, a guest fic written by Shan/Kira specially suited for this scary time of year. If you have any fics you'd like featured here, just e-mail to me by the 29th of October, and I'll put them up as soon as I can.

Quote of the Update:
Lola: *handing Kira a candy bar*...What, you've never had a 'Big Hunk' before?

Kira: No, I've never even had a scrawny one.

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'Josi and Donatello (Mirage Studios)' by Calista - Pic trade with Calista, Josi and Donatello looking all cute and stuff. Donatello (c) Mirage Studios.
'Tweek' by Calista - "Tweek" and her little red tool box from my MD:TAS spinoff group, WITLESS. Also by Calista.
'Levy' by Magic Star - A surprise pic from Magic Star of my little BMFM smartass, Levy, looking just beyond adorable.
'Tanner' by Calista - A tasteful near-nude of my main damage-doll, Tanner. Muaha. I'm so mean to that boy. Another by the talented Calista.
'Zeek' by Mercy - My very first piece of fanart! Yay! Done by Mercy when she saw a human that looked like my character Zeek. Scary...

The Basement
They should have ordered pizza... A nifty little tale of one gal's journey for fishsticks. By Kira Ferris.

Who Am I?
A spirit seeks the perfect host in this Extreme Ghostbusters multi-chapter story by the talented Nightbloom.

Stardust Enterprises
A joint site that belongs to Cloud and Kira. You can check out some of Ki's other written works here. Come and groove to the Ghostbusters Midi!

Paradox Tulpa Arts
Animator-Man Grey's spifferific site, complete with Pumpkins!