Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, surprisingly, people have actually asked for information. I know, it stunned me, too.

Who are you?
Who me? I'm just a kid with a lot of time on her hands and a hugemongous imagination that's more than likely gonna get her in trouble one of these days.

What kind of Art Classes have you taken?
Uhhhh...The typical kind that they used to alternate with music in elementary school. A sixth grade and eighth grade art class (Mrs. Burdett ROCKS!) in middle school. (I didn't take art in seventh grade because I knew I wouldn't have her, so I took band instead. Yeah, tubas!! BRASS ALL THE WAY!) Finally, a semester long art course the fall of my sophmore year of high school. I attempted to take one of those mail-order art classes, but stuff just started getting too hectic in me life and I couldn't keep up... ;.; One must keep their priorities straight afterall. So aside from the oh-so-thrilling public school established art programs, I haven't had any formal training. I just draw for fun.

Why don't I see any/barely any of the original characters from the shows on your fanpages?
Well, for the most part, a good lot of the shows are cancelled and I don't have as much access to reference material as I would like. I search for screengrabs, but it's not the same as actually being able to watch the show. So, in short, without proper reference I don't really think I can do the characters justice. I do have actual fan material for the show, but most of it is just so...blech...that I wouldn't even dream of putting it up.

So, if you just do stuff about your characters, why do you call them fanpages?
Because it was being a fan of that show that inspired me to create them. Pretty much all my characters and storylines were created before the shows were cancelled and definately before I had 'net access. They all had roots tied in to the original shows, but then, evile network executives made all the wonderful shows go 'poof.' Eventually, as we grow, so do our characters, and consequently, the total character population. You want to give your characters more of a history, so obviously the interaction of your cast is going to go far beyond that of the span of the original show. But I'm going off on a tangent. I call them fanpages because that's what they are. Pages created by a fan due to the influence of the original show. Meep.

Where's all your fanfiction? You have links to a fanfiction page, but they're not linked.
Okay...Fanfics...Fanfics are wonderful things, ne? Personally, I have fanfics written out in notebooks, but considering that I suck at the literary arts, they're less than reader-worthy...I wouldn't want to waste your time. I'm pretty much in the process of rewritng so many stories to make them more interesting and less like the usual "Little sister of a supporting character comes in, managing to save the day and having the hunky hero fall for her" type stories that I hear so much about.

Okay, so if you don't have fanfics, why don't you just turn the site into an art archive?
Because I don't wanna. ;) If I have that empty space there, it reminds me to get my little rear in gear and work on my fics. I do have stories, I just need time to put them up, and keep in mind that I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. Eventually, something, no matter how green the writing, will be put up.

Green writing? Huh?
Green...Inexperienced. Writings from a rookie author. **points to self** That would be me.

Back to the art...Why is most of your stuff on lined paper? That's so tacky...
Most of my drawings are on lined paper because I do most of my drawings on lined paper. I like lined paper. I buy the spiral notebooks and use those to draw on because- One: I'm not a professional or anything, I just draw for fun. Two: They're way cheaper (which is great for those of us who have little or no cash to splurge), and I don't feel that bad wasting good paper. Three: I tend to just sketch a lot, so lined paper in spiral notebooks comes in very handy. Four: I'm still learning the finer points of art and such, so the lines help me out a lot. They serve as a make-shift grid of sorts and that helps me with perspective, distance, angles, and all that good stuff. Besides, if I ever draw something on lined paper that I think is worth it, I usually transfer it onto a nice, fresh, clean sheet of compy paper, then, I ink it, and possibly color it.

Well, that's all for now. You got a question? Please, ask away.