Okay...this...is not good... you think to yourself, as you've become separated from the party you were just with. You think back to the wrong turn you made, but you figure that anything's better than dealing with the turmoil going on outside and continue walking, making your way through a series of tunnels. Taking a quick glance to be sure you're not being followed, you suddenly stop as you've realized you've run into a wall...strange thing is...the wall...is breathing... You cautiously look up to find a rather large grey drake standing in front of you. He lifts his shades and looks you over, "Great DuCaine we've got another one," he murmurs. "Well, I guess you can't just stand around here. The exit's back that way if you really wanna leave, otherwise move it," he starts further down the tunnels not even waiting for you to keep up. So...

Do you leave?


Do you follow?