Others' Spiffy Characters

Alrighty then, folks, you know the drill. Everyone on here belongs to their respective creator(s). I think that's the least I've had to say for a long time...

New! Darcy! A.K.A. RiRi duck-i-fied! Sketched doodled by me when I stayed the night at her house. And here is the inked version, done by RiRi herself. Darcy is (c) RiRi.

New! Sirius
A request from Cassandra I finally got around to a while ago. I must say, that boy of her's is one serious piece of eye-candy. Hehehehe...Sirius (c) Cassandra.

Cuteness...LolaD, my duckie-self, and her boyfriend Bob. Heh. I am jealous of these two. I truly am. LolaD tis mine, Bob belongs to Elizabeth.

An older pic of Lana Emerald I had on file but forgot to put up...-_-; The scan seems to have changed the eyes from purple to light green. Evil. But I like the way the hair came out. Yesyes. Lana (c) Lia.

Hehe! A little icon I made for Jen, it's her character Cloud with her husband Deadshot. She saw my Lil' Rantin' Lola buddy icon and wanted one, so I obliged and gave her a Lil' Rantin' Cloud with a Lil' Scared 'Shot. And hehe again. Cloud and Deadshot (c) to Jen and DS respectively.

"...But you can't date horses..."
Oy...Long story to this pic. That's my char Nerissa chit-chatting with Cloud over a couple of drinks about their love lives (or moreso, Nerissa's lack thereof at the time...). Cloud made mention that horses are so much better than men for various reasons...to which 'Rissa responded with the above. We were amused. Cloud (c) Jen, Nerissa (c) me.

Devin and Nerissa being all cute and crap. And here is the same pick with a quickie-comp-color job. The scary thing is that after I colored it...I realized that own Devin's outfit...o_O Devin (c) Shan, and Nerissa is still (c) me.

Cloud! Heehee. Giftie for Jen. KITTIES! Cloud (c) Jen. Yup-yup.

Calista Acarya Spiffy sketch on lined paper, but eh. I'm gonna clean this one up. Calista is (c) herself.

Elaine is sooo cute! She belongs to Lia, who has decided to spread her wings and move on to new endevors.

Kit's Next Generation characters. A request...sort of...Clockwise: Sunstorm (c) Firesky, Danielle, Kerry, and Jaha (c) Kit.

Nylessa Drakely so "In-Character" it painful!! ;) Nylessa belongs to herself.

A sketch of Raye. Need to fidget with this...Raye is (c) Crow.

Raye again! Dude, old pic...not too bad. And Raye is still property of Crow!

Ender! Just kinda standin' there...Geez this pic here is like...two years old. I like to think I've impoved a bit since then...eesh. Ender (c) Crow.

Crayolas are ~evil. Ender once more! An accompanying pic to the above. My excuse as to why these Ender pics are so OOC: It's "young" Ender, yeah...yeah, that's it...(c) Crow.

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