Me, Mine, and Disney's

Okay guys, all the ducks that WILL EVENTUALLY be up all belong to either Disney (like most of you don't already know who...) or me from all of my storylines. If they're a duck or have anything to do with them, they'll be in here. Enjoy!

New! Kinda...Tweek and her little red tool box. Mechanic for my little resistor group. Damn, this is old...Why am I putting this up again?...

New! Kinda...Tan-Ya! Princess of Power! LoL...I'm just had to be was just too perfect in my eyes...I'm so sorry...Hahaha...Tanya (c) Disney, She-Ra (c) Uhh...RiRi's gonna kill me...The She-Ra and He-Man peoples. **shrug**

Gawky awkward teenageness ahoy! Poor Deb...around 13 here, putting Wildwing at about 15 or 16. It's just torture when you're around your older brother's best friend whom you just happen to have a crush on...Deb's mine, Wildwing (c) Disney.

**grin** There are only two times you will see Eugene (aka 'Skink') even remotely smile. One: When something's being blown up. Two: When he's with 'Tweek'. Both of the WITLESS Crew. Ain't they adorable? A sketch I slapped some color on, yay!

An old sketch of the same duo as above. I will never understand what those two see in each other, but hey, if it works, don't fix it. It's a really light sketch. Pleh. Remind me to redo this.

Debbie with Jake and the both of them being just...very content. Another old sketch, but then almost all of these are. :p Still really like the pose though. I figured if I was going to be mean to them in my storylines, then I could at least draw them looking happy.

A young Duke with his mentor in my 'verse, Cammy. Looks like she's about to teach him a thing or two, and it doesn't look like it's about picking locks...Duke (c) Disney, Cammy (c) me, duh.

I swear, this little tom-boy attracts guys like mosquitos to a bug-zapper. Debbie, yet again, with Rico of WITLESS from my "crossover" fic. Hehe. This is before she and Jakey got together so don't go jumpin' to conclusions people!

Jocette Aviaeh, my casual observer. A miscellaneous idea I turned into an RP char. Currently engaged to Freedom Macoull who is (c) Mercy.

Muaha. It's me and my little pink eraser keeping my characters in line. Namely Ace in this piece. Hehehe...This will eventually be turned into my main page graphic. Yay, PhotoShop!

My first pic of my E-Level RP character, Tanner. He's a cutie. Looks really angst-ridden in this shot. I like it.

One of Tanner's buds from the street and just a nice gal. Compie color! Whee!

Tanner, again. In his workout gear it seems. Drawn for the purpose of working with the bandages he keeps on his arms.

Cassandra Odette Downey
A favorite of mine. Another E-Level character and just a spiffy chica.

"He's gonna get MMEEEEE!!"
It's Tanner once more! With special guest appearance by ME! He's chasing me around with a mallet, I'm assuming in an attempt to seek revenge for making his life a living hell. **sadistic grin** I didn't notice until I scanned the pic that his hair...makes him look like he has little devil horns... O_o

Jake character sketch. Gonna be doin' a lot of these. Hehe. Jake Muscovy, one of my personal faves.

Teal character sketch. Finally got a decent one of her done.

Finally! Blade "Sparky" Sparxx! A full on scope of what the dude looks like! Rejoice!

Nameless dude as of today. Heeheehee...Two cool points to whoever knows the movie that inspired this guy. Don't know who he is yet, but I like 'im!

Lil' sketch o' Debbie I did during Chem class. I'm really proud of this one. I did it completely in ink and it actually came out half way decent!

Lil'sketch o' Casi I did during Academic Decathlon. My buddy Chris had colored pens and I just couldn't help myself.

Debb's not feelin' too hot. Drew this when I was sick as dog. I know how she feels...

Typhoon of the HyperDuck Squad, a counterpart to Storm of the X-MEN in a way. Comic panel type thing where she's sheilding a little girl from an attck of some sort.

"AAAWWWWW!!!" Sickeningly cute pic of Jake and Debbie, Pre-ACoS. **sniffle**

ME! Or moreso, LolaD. Me as a duckie and also my shy, innocent side.

Heh. Also Pre-ACoS. Jake, Debbie, and Rico of WITLESS. Heh. I really like this pic for some reason. I keep in mind that Jake is a pretty big guy, and Rico...well...isn't.

"LOO-SER!" Hex, of the WITLESS crew, everyone's favorite little pyro/hacker. I'd had that pose in my head for the longest time!

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