Debbie Thunderbeak

Just don't call her "Deborah"...

Full Name: Deborah Irene Thunderbeak

Nicknames: Debbie, Deb, Debbs, anything along those lines

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Physical Basics:
Height: tba
Weight: tba
Feather Color: Off-White
Hair Color: Black
EyeColor: Light Blue
Identifying Marks: A tattoo of the military emblem on her left bicep

Usual fighting attire: A torn gray T-shirt with a picture of a skull on it, black leggings with white and gray knee-guards, white with gray trimmed military stlye boots, a blocky yellow belt, black hand guards, a wrist communicator worn on her right wrist, and a white bandana.
Casual attire: Ranges from anything big and baggy to relaxed fit. Prefers sneakers, loose-fitting jeans and T-shirts. Has been known, on occasion, to forced into a dress...but not often. Will always have her white bandana somewhere on her hair or body reguardless of what she's wearing.

Past: tba

Likes: Hockey, sports in general, figure-skating (believe it or not), slamming guys twice her size into walls, her friends, Wildwing, and food

Dislikes: Her brother, Nosedive, Reginald Gander III, the dark (but won't admit to it), and being underestimated

Definative Quotes:
"If you can't stand the heat, get off the ice."

(to Reggie):
Deb: "You are a dirty, low-down, double-crossing, back-stabbing, underhanded, miserable excuse for a duck..."
Reg: "Please, is that all you can throw at me?"
Deb: "Eh, I'd call you a slime-bucket, but that'd be an insult to decent, up-standing slime-buckets everywhere..."