Daughters of the Dark Legion

Welcome! You have stumbled across the little section of my Lolaverse where my Sonic/Knuckles characters run loose. This site is dedicated to my little strike team: The Daughters of the Dark Legion (in case you couldn't tell). Oh yeah, and those other Mobians, whatever their names are ;P J/K. You'll find a lot of stuff here dedicated to the Archie Comic Series and SatAM Cartoon (When I actually get something up). So kick back and enjoy your stay.

Good Guys, Bad Guys, and Everything Else
Piccies I do! Be they SEGA/Archie's, mine, or someone else's, they be in here

Tales of the Fighters
Ficcies I do, too! Or will do...eventually...

Who the heck is that?
Go here. You much less confused will be

"See you at the Crossroads...Crossroads..."-sorry.