Happy V-Day, Schmucks

As you can probably already guess, this isn't going to be your average, lovey-dovey, hugs and kisses type of Valentine's Day decore. I think that if there's one thing me and my Biker Mouse persona agree on it's our innate distaste for Valentine's Day. Maybe it's because we're really bitter...Maybe it's because we like to think we're rebelious...May it's becase we just plain don't like pink...But whatever the reason, I'm sure of one thing. I hope your V-Day is less miserable than ours. ;) Toodles for now! ~Lola

P.S. Thankies to me MoonRabbit Lainey for the way schpiffy banner I usually have up! Squee! It'll be back soon. ^_^ And double-thankies for being the first one to sign me guestbook. May she be worshipped.
Lola Luvs Ragamuffin!
Quote of the Update: "Love is a trick nature plays to get us to reproduce." ~Callisto from 'Xena: Warrior Princess'

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