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Character's Name: Cassandra Odette Downe, "Casi"

Info on the Character: *Age: Can pass from late teens to mid-twenties. She doesn't specify. Basically whatever age she feels like at the time.

*Hair: Naturally brown, dyes it very often any range of colors, her favorite and most often worn is cerulean blue. Style of choice is pig-tails with two strands on either side and loose bangs parted down the middle; but she'll tend to do her hair to compliment whatever she's wearing at the time if she's in "costume".

*Eyes: Brown. Has a habit of wearing colored contact lenses.

*Feathers: Medium tan.

*Beak: Typical, everyday orange.

*Height: Uh..5 ft. 6 in. ...I think.

*Weight/Build: Athletic in stature, rather broad shoulders for a female. She likes to keep herself in shape for versality more than anything. She figures she has enough to worry about without wondering whether or not she's going to fit into her jeans or any essential article of clothing for that matter.

*Clothes: Will wear pretty much anything and everything. She likes dressing up and putting on anything that'll let her feel like another person. In her off time, she prefers those 'cute' t-shirts with a small logo on them - her favorite being a white one with red trim around the neck and sleeves, and a diamond (like from a deck of cards) in the center of it; rolled up Khaki (sp?) shorts with a black or brown belt; and her black converse-style sneakers (I've noticed most of my characters tend to have those kind o_O) with scrunched down, baggy socks - oh-so '80s.

Personality: Duck of a thousand fances, Casi is your typical ham. She loves attention and will find any way to get it. In ways, she's rather vain, but tries to hide it - if unsuccessfully. She likes to look and feel good, and her favorite means of doing so is by putting on a show. A natural-born performer, she loves to act, dance, and sing. Basically anything that'll draw a crowd. Regardless of her own faults, she doesn't like to put people down purposely (unless they deserve it). Unfortunately, in her attempts to steal the spotlight, she tends to hurt others' feelings and not even realize it. She has a knack for magic, which she's been doing since she was a youngster.

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Your basic, everyday Casi. In Color! Eh, kinda.
Cass ala punk. I want a shirt like that.
Looking very...secretary-ish.
At a point in one of her performances. That's a necklace she's throwing into the air in case you can't tell. -_-'
Casi without all the dyes and contacts and play-clothes.
Casi by Calista.
Casi by Emily L'Orange.