Blaze Backfire
Italics: Character speaking. Regular text: Creator speaking.

Full Name: Blaze Backfire

Nickname(s): No, not really...It's always been either 'Blaze' or 'Backfire'.

Occupation: Part-time bartender, bouncer, and bassist all rolled into one shapely package.

Species: Martian Mouse of the Brilla Luzian variety.

Gender: Want me to show ya? [Creatorís Note: Sheís female...Trust me...]

Age: 27

Height: Bigger than you, Creator Lady, and thatís all that counts. [Creatorís Note: Reaching 6'2, I really do have to stop making them bigger than I am...]

Weight: A proud, muscular 175 lbs.

Fur Color: White as the virgin snow. [Creatorís Note: *snorts with laughter along with the rest of the cast*]

Hair Color: Goldenrod. Call me a blonde and you die.

Eye Color: Emerald green with little flecks of amber. [Creatorís Note: *rolls eyes and makes a gagging noise*]

General Appearance/Attire: Even in Martian standards, Blaze is an amazon of a female, rivaling even the taller males in height. She's very fit


Personality: Blaze is very much the "Kick ass now, don't bother to take names later" type of person. When the boys are lacking in the crass behavior and dirty jokes department, Blaze more than makes up for it. For every comment, she has a snide remark or innuendo.

Family/Relatives: ...Hey, Creator Lady? Whoís gonna see these? Uh...No one. Itís for my purposes only. Youíre safe. [Creatorís Note: >:) ] Oh, okay...Well, my little clone, Rave has been, and always will be, my pride and joy. Sheís what I live for, Iíd do anything for that kid. Skidz, Ric, and Zeek are the pretty much my adopted sibs, theyíre closer to me than my ďrealĒ family except for Rave. Always saw Carly as...not really my parental figure...but my mentor. From what I do remember about my real mom, I loved her. She was really pretty, always made me feel better about everything going on- ...Uh, Blaze? We donít need your life story just yet... *giving her creator the ĎLook of Deathí* Okay, continue! Donít let me interrupt! Nevermind, Iím finished. ...Blaze... Iím done. Letís move on. Oy...Parents: Stryke Vaelen and Cinder Backfire-Vaelen (deceased); Siblings: Rant Vaelen: (half-brother: 20, resulted from their fatherís mistress and later second wife), Rave Backfire: (sister: 17)

Significant Other/Marital Status: Single and lovin' it. ...Riiiiight...

Brief History: Artist Profile, Lola...Artist. Profile. Rightight, I keep forgetting... >_< Let's continue.

Comments from the Character: Donít piss me off, donít bother my bros, keep your hands off my sister, and weíll get along just fine.

Comments from the Creator: Blaze amuses me...HIGHLY. I would love for her ĎTake-No-Crapí attitude to be dominant in me, but alas, it is not...But eh, I have my moments. She was supposed to be my main fanfic character for the BM fandom, seems she had a bit of a relationship with Modo during the wars (Okay, so maybe it was a bit more than a bit, but you get the idea...). Iíve been doing a lot of rewriting and while that relationship still stands, itís been going through a lot of changes in my head. I think itís a better story now and since Iíve developed her a lot more since 1994, itís certainly grown more interesting. Canít wait to see what I do with it. *G* But yes, I love Blaze. Sheís funny.

Comments from the Cast: