Full Name: Skidzo Lenora Ratburne

Nickname(s): Skidz, Skid, ‘Nora (mostly by my mother), Bright Star [Creator’s Note: You should see the cheesy grin on her face...], Star, Mouse-Girl

Species: 100% Diacria Grey Martian Mouse! Oh, and Elysian Werewolf now.

Gender: ...well, duh...I’m a current mother of two, take a wild guess...

Age: 26

Birthday: (in Earth equivalent) February 1st

Height: Too short. [Creator’s Note: about 5'3]

Weight: Just enough. [Creator’s Note: 140 lbs, give or take...]

Fur Color: light grey

Hair Color: dark grey

Eye Color: violet

General Appearance/Attire: Generally seen wearing jeans and a dress shirt, rolled up at the sleeves, and her army boots. When performing, a very short, strapless purple dress with small slits in the side, an ample amount of bracelets, and two or three necklaces. Regardless of what she wears, she’ll never go without her blue collar with silver studs. Since giving birth to her twins, she sticks to the t-shirt, sweat pants, and sneaker combo.

Other: Most likely speaking voice: Cree Summer. Plays keyboard and sings back-up vocals for The Greasers, singing voice would relate to that of Etta James, very soulful. Carlette’s resident mechanic, has a habit of talking to and yelling at bikes. Since she’s were now, she can not only take the form of a medium-sized grey wolf, but that of a human female with fair skin, blonde hair, and violet eyes.


Family: My bros at Carlette’s: Blaze, Rave, Ric, Zeek, and Carly. Lis, the love of my life, and our two kids. Trouble, my newest sister. My folks and related brothers back in LeDiemos. Middle child of five and the only girl. Parents: Roadrage and Chantilley Ratburne; Siblings: Schick (brother, ), Guido (brother, , married, wife-Kiere’, with one daughter and a son on the way), Gyro (brother, , engaged), and Tread (brother, 17).

Significant Other/Marital Status: Lis Stormwind, husband. Two children, Barnett and Wheeler (twins).

Brief History:

Comments from the Character: Uh...

Comments from the Creator: I enjoy Skidz, I really do. I guess she’s the character that’s most like me, only cuter and more confident. She’s got her “bad” moments, true, but so do I.

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